OTish: Up the flag for Jane Austen :)

Erin McMullin erm8 at psu.edu
Tue Jun 5 13:07:26 EDT 2001

I have to write back for this one.  

I was required to read P&P for school when I was sixteen, and I thought the
characters were the most ridiculous, silly, conflicted people EVER, and if
everyone would just SAY what they thought/felt, the book would only be ten
pages long, and all the better for those of us who were required to read it.  

I read it again in my mid twenties, and laughed so hard at times that I
cried.  I've reread it at least three times since then.  

(If my sister is reading this, she can attest to the fact that I hated the
book, which she quite liked even at age sixteen...)

~ erin

At 02:26 PM 6/5/01 +0200, you wrote:
>Alexandra wrote:
>I agree altogether that Some Books Are Not For Some Readers at the Time
>when First Introduced to Same Readers.  I read P&P when I was sixteen
>and yawned my way through it.  I tried Emma and literally fell asleep
>during Chapter 1.
>lol. Happened to me, too. I was about 17 years old when I tried Emma for
the first time,
>and didn't get further that two or three pages. Years later, I read it and
liked it very
>Ven wrote:
>As Philip said some writers are not for some readers. And although
>Dorian was right to point out that books can be introduced at the
>wrong age (the thought of making 17 year old lads read
>Persuasion, rotfwl), I was well into my 30s before I could really
>enjoy Dickens for example, I don't think I'm ever going to love Jane
>So maybe there's hope for me and Dickens, which I find (still) quite
annoying. I had to
>read David Copperfield in school, and at some point I simply couldn't bear
the fact that
>everybody knows and Davod does not no more, so I stopped reading. The most
humorous thing
>to me were essays claiming how funny and ironic the book was. The fact the
DC came up
>unexpectely in my final exams made me regret not finnishing it... How
ironic. ;-)
>About Austen at  http://www.sff.net/people/Sherwood/  Sherwood Smith
(author of Court and
>Crown duel) has some interesting toughts about her. I even wrote to her *
about her books
>(which I like very much) and her comments about Emma (to which I didn't
quite agree) and
>she wrote me a very nice letter back.
>* First time I wrote such a letter...
>Irony is if you don't get it.
>Definition by a friend of mine
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