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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Jun 5 05:15:09 EDT 2001

[This is Becca writing, and I haven't written for years and years and 
years because I have state exams on Wednesday and I really should be 
studying science (shudder) or geography (insanely hysterical 
high-pitched laugh of the kind that means I have studied around 10 of 
the seventy chapters I need to know) but I'm not.]

Melissa wrote:

>Mary.  Well, this book is very complex, especially if you compare Mary with
>some of her analogues in other Austen novels.  She's set up as the
>self-centered hypochondriac whose children are like intelligent pets, but
>when her little boy is hurt, she's genuinely concerned.  Not like some of
>the other Doting Mamas at all.

I think this is cool because of the way it ties in with Romeo and 
Juliet, which I'm supposed to be studying At This Very Moment. 
(Everyone knows the end of R&J, right? I'm not spoiling anything for 

Anyway--at the part of the play where Capulet, Lady Capulet and Nurse 
find Juliet supposedly dead, Lady Capulet says:

	"O me, O me! my child, my only life!
	Revive, look up, or I will die with thee!"

I thought at first that Lady Capulet was genuinely heartbroken, 
genuinely devastated that her daughter was dead. But she says, 
"revive, look up, or *I* will die with thee." She's only concerned 
for herself, what lasting damage her daughter's death will do to her 
"poor nerves", or whatever those Shakespearean Bad Mothers used to 
have to complain about all the time. :)

This reminds me of Mary: she goes into hysterics, but is not really 
worried about how her son is doing. She says: "I must say it is very 
unfeeling of him [Charles] to be running away from his poor little 
boy", and then promptly does so herself.

>It really ruins a book when you identify with characters the author doesn't
>want you to like.  I mean, the whole book is set up for you to sympathize
>with certain people, and you as the reader are basically refusing to join
>the tour with all the other good little children.  :)

I do this with movies. (sigh) I always want Dracula or Godzilla or 
King Kong to win, even if it *does* mean the destruction of the whole 
enitre human race. Human race? Hah! Who needs it?

Well, I guess I'd better go and stuff useless information into my 
poor brain. (I've decided to become a sort of Mrs Bennet: "Really! 
You have no consideration for my poor brain!") Really, I'd better go. 
Really. Honestly. Right now. Bye, everyone. Talk to you all later. 
Hope you all have a nice--

(The Science book comes and forcibly drags Becca away from the keyboard.)


PS: Somebody write something back QUICK so I can get away from all these Facts!
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