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literary-allusion-laden speech...

> Well, I don't find it intimidating either, probably because my family
> all sorts of things all the time anyway.  These characters seem normal to
> me. :-)  Even if they do seem to have read loads of books that I haven't,
> thus immensely increasing me to-read list.

It's one of the things I missed enormously when I left my previous job and
moved to a school where it was considered a little weird to enthuse too much
about one's subject. Fortunately I discovered a small "cell" of bookaholics
like me, with whom I could discuss DWJ, Pullman, Dunnett, Tolkien and so

My old gang of university friends, with whom I'm in touch have always talked
like this- obscure references, deliberate misquotation, the works. It's
always a joy to find someone who shares this habit!


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