Ot forward Wicklow grreeens protest very OT

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> No, lol, I meant dress sense of course. This reminds me of a rather
> odd RE (religious education) teacher I had. She evidently suffered
> unexplained religious torment (vis her reaction when one of us
> naively said that, as an RE teacher, she was obviously going to
> heaven .........). She dressed in a manner that made you think she
> must have deliberately chosen the ugliest clothes she could find. I
> rather think she vbelieved God wanted her to be uncomfortable.
> Very sad.

Characters who make not caring about their appearance a test of virtue
generally come to almost as sticky an end as those who are too vain, like
Christopher's mother.

> lol. What I meant was that Mandelson doesn't fit Julian because for
> obvious reasons he (PM) is not a womaniser. Cecil Parkinson
> is my Tory nomination for Julian. (btw are we allowed to  name his
> daughter, Flora, on a website?). Anyone got a suggestion from
> Labour?

We can always pretend we're discussing healthy margarine. Robin Cook as
Julian, perhaps?

> All I can think of is that he must be one of Dillian's minions, or
> Shine's -- quite interchangeable really.

Yes - something small and evil.

> Speechless with lol.
<smug g>

> To turn the game around who does Navis remind anyone of? How
> about Al?

Hm. Navis is probably someone distant like Lord Carrington. Al is perhaps
one of Maggie's enforcers. How about Mitt?

> (I've just deleted my comments in support of Gill's opinion of David
> Blunket as being definitely outside the remit of the list)

Sadly, yes.


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