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> Yeah.  What she said.  Doubled.  I was thinking about this in the car just
> minute ago, and realized that English teachers usually aren't hired on the
> basis of how much they love books.  So it's possible to get a teacher who
> only knows the rote answers and teaches those as if they were what lit
> is all about.  This makes me seriously annoyed.  All I need now for steam
> start coming out my ears is for Elise to repeat the story about the
> who thought Thomas Hardy hated Tess.  <grrr>

I agree. I tecah English, and I teach kids to analyse - but in order to
understand more fully what's happening and to appreciate the sheer skill of
the writer. I love watching  the faces of a class as they realise just what
is going on in "To His Coy Mistress", for example. I love getting kids to
share their passions and to articulate what a story or book means to them.
It's a living skill, not a deadly dissection!


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