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JOdel said...
> In a message dated 7/30/01 1:16:06 PM, hallieod at indigo.ie writes:
> >BTW, in Edinburgh I found a Burnett book called _A Lost
> >Prince_  I'd never seen it before, has anyone else?
> That one was reprinted in the late '70s or somewhere about there.

Yes, I read it as a child in the late 70s, and recently acquired my own copy
(abridged, though - bah!).

> Not half bad upon the whole.

I'm very fond of it.  Barkingly unlikely, most of it, but if you can suspend
your disbelief (which I don't find difficult with Burnett!), it's a great
read.  It's more similar to "A Little Princess" than to "The Secret Garden",
I think - that kind of romantic drama.  Hallie, if you want to borrow it,
you know where I am!  Or did you buy it in Edinburgh?

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