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> Melissa wrote
> >Something I've been meaning to ask--how many members of the DWJ
> >list are writers?

I write when the urge takes me, but I wouldn't want to do it for a
living; not fiction, at least. I do want to be a technical writer
when I grow up - oops, when the kids grow up - and there's probably
some editing work coming in autumn, yay!

> Be interested to know whether anyone else on the list writes
> non-fict.

I wrote a book about WordPerfect for Windows, one of the first to
appear in Dutch. I've also translated things that were so bad in the
original that it was almost a complete rewrite.

> I suppose a second question would be - of those of us who write,
> how many feel DWJ is an influence?

Oh yes - she's one of my role models as a writer, along with Dorothy
Sayers (and currently Connie Willis; someone lent me _Bellwether_ and
I don't want to give it back). If I've been reading something really
crappy (I admit to liking Mercedes Lackey at times...) I have to dose
myself with something by one of those before I *can* even write.

For those who would like to read something by me, here's a silly
little thing I wrote (not yet edited, I've put it aside to mature):


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