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>BTW, in Edinburgh I found a Burnett book called _A Lost 
>Prince_  I'd never seen it before, has anyone else? 

That one was reprinted in the late '70s or somewhere about there. Not half 
bad upon the whole. Burnett's juveniles hold up better than the bulk of her 
romances. (Although a few of those were fairly good and the majority are 
pretty harmless.) As a possible side note, E. Nesbit did a send up of one of 
Burnett's stories (Editha's Burgler) in I think it was Pheonix and Carpet. 
Burnett also had a project going of rewriting the stories from a book which 
she had been given in childhood, and managed to lose. Only one of these I 
think ever got actually written and published, but since the tale was The 
Story of Prince Fairyfoot, it was clear that the missing book was Frances 
Browne's Granny's Wonderful Chair

FWIW, I read Sir Gibbie back in college. Pretty sappy, but harmless. Not his 
best story by a long chalk. 
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