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> Bettina's introduction made me wonder whether anyone knows anything
> about how often & how successfully DWJ's books have been
> translated.

I know for a fact that at least _The Lives of Christopher Chant_ has
been translated into Dutch (my daughter is reading it right now -
well, not exactly right now as it's 00.37 and she's asleep, but she's
got it from the library); also _Eight Days of Luke_, _The Spellcoats_
and _Cart and Cwidder_. All the Dutch translations are atrocious,
especially that of _The Spellcoats_ where whole chunks of relevant
semi-background have been left out. The illustrations, on the other
hand, are utterly charming. They've recently been re-released, but
not re-translated, worse luck. Perhaps I should have volunteered. My
poor seven-year-old can't read English yet, and isn't likely to learn
for a few years.

We've just spent two weeks in Denmark, one week with a friend who had
never heard of DWJ (shame on him) but his eleven-year-old daughter
was reading _Det magiske slot_ which turned out to be _Howl's Moving
Castle_. He immediately jumped on it once he realized that *this* was
what we were talking about, and read a whole chapter aloud (which I
could understand about 10% of; I understand about 75% of *written*
Danish but the pronunciation and spelling are about as wildly
divergent as English). She also had a translation of (I think) _The
Lives of Christopher Chant_ which I don't remember the Danish title
of. There might be others, but I'm still catching up on mail and I
haven't had time to google.


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