19th Century Literature

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Mon Jul 30 16:13:48 EDT 2001

More synchronicity - on my Open University conference people are just 
discussing what course to take next year, and the 19th C Novel is one 
of the most popular choices.  All of us seem to have read some of the 
biggies before off our own bat and are eager for a year of it.  It's 
odd to come from an enthusiastic discussion of the reading list to 
see Jacob doubting whether people read this stuff for fun much any 

>19C novelists I read include Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Geo
>Macdonald, the Brontes: people I know read George Eliot, Jane
>Austen and Mrs Gaskell.

Ditto the first four (well, Charlotte Bronte, anyway), obviously 
ditto Jane Austen. :)  Middlemarch is way up on my to-be-read list, 
as are a bunch of Trollope's.  And nobody's mentioned Lorna Doone, 
which I loved.  And of course Alcott and the other children's 
classics.  BTW, in Edinburgh I found a Burnett book called _A Lost 
Prince_  I'd never seen it before, has anyone else?  On Alcott, I 
always liked _An Old-Fashioned Girl_ much better than _Little Women_. 
After learning a bit about Alcott, I want to reread LW and expect I 
might have quite a different reaction to it.

>Finally has anyone else read MacDonald's Sir Gibbie? I've got an
>old copy of the full text. It's a fascinating book.

I have!  My grandfather gave it to me when I was young, and told me 
not to give up until I'd read 50 pages, and then if I didn't like it, 
I could give up.  But I loved it by then. :)

Hallie  (reading my way through list posts but starting on this thread)
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