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Sun Jul 29 20:06:27 EDT 2001

> on 27.7.2001 05:40, Melissa Proffitt at Melissa at wrote:
> > Something I've been meaning to ask--how many members of the DWJ list are
> > writers?  It seems like quite a few of us do writing of some kind, from
> > just a little dabbling to actual publication.  Anyone want to share?

Yup, I had a few role playing articles published in the mid eighties 
and  I've got a novel in a drawer, it's called A Bad Lot and it's a 
pseudo Georgian urban fantasy. Now that I've got my typing back 
up to scratch by doing email I really should get a few things off the 
back burner. I would really, really love to go to one of the Clarion 

Btw those who have read it say the novel is not half bad, but I've 
found out the title wouldn't do for publication -- apparently critics 
would say "hurr hurr it is bad too." And I thought I was being 


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Diana Wynne Jones

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