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>>My alternate description of Lackey is that in her we appear to be seeing
>>reincarnation in action.  Frances Hodgeson Burnett lives...
>Can I ask what the similarities are?

Both are/were exceedingly "popular" authors who did not hesitate to attack 
topics which were not "polite" nor to play rough when they chose to. Both 
seem to have boiled honest pots, even though both seemed to believe that they 
were engaged in something more exalted. And both had distinct oppinions of a 
metaphysical nature. (The Secret Garden is arguably the first "new age" 
children's book. It was published in 1913.)

In Burnett's case, depite being a "popular" author of what I am sure 
intellectuals regarded as throw-away romances (the bulk of which were largely 
forgettable) she still somehow managed to solidly nail the cultural zeitgeist 
of the times not once, but twice during a long career. Both times, oddly 
enough, in her fiction for children.
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