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> I'm halfway through _Passage_ by Connie Willis, and have
> enjoyed a lot it so far.

I recently read this and thought it great.
> On my to-read pile is _Artemis Fowl_, _The Skies of Pern_ (my
> soon-to-by-ex-mother-in-law named a dragon in this one), the second
> Stephanie Plum book, _American Gods_, the Chronicles of the Kencyrath (I
> have finally got my hands on a copy of _Seeker's Mask_), and _Thief of
> Time_.

Artemis Fowl was ok, but I don't think I'll be reading any more books in the
series (it is so clearly going to be a series...). Very readable, but not
gripping enough.

 I stopped reading Anne McCaffrey some years ago, and have since sold most
of her later works to a second hand bookshop (from Renegades of Pern
forwards + the Damia/Rowan books). I haven't yet read any Stephanie Plums,
but I have heard very positive things about them. _American Gods_ is on my
TBR pile as is _Seeker's Mask_. All of P.C.Hodgell's books were near the top
of my Alexlit recommendations for ages and I was really glad when
MeishaMerlin finally reprinted them. I also hear that she is going to write
some new Kencyrath books for MM, but I don't remember details on the timing.

MM has also reprinted Sharon Lee & Steve Miller's Liaden series plus some
new books on the series, which I liked quite a lot (was it Melissa who said
she didn't like them?). I like good space opera mixed with romance (hey, I
used to be a huge Star Wars fan in my teens =)).

_Lirael_ is also on my TBR pile, I really have to thank this list for the
recommendation.  I'll have to see, if I can make my editor friend interested
in the books... I have already gotten him to publish Wrede's Enchanted
Forest Chronicles (first part came out this Spring and second part will be
published this Autumn) and DWJ's Dark Lord of Derkholm (will be out later
this year) and Year of the Griffin (will be out next Spring). I'm also
proofreading the translations for these, since the translator is a friend of
a friend.


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