Mercedes Lackey

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Sat Jul 28 15:45:29 EDT 2001

Mercedes Lackey is a guilty pleasure. Along with Mary Jo Putney (romance 
writier). In fact, sometimes the two put me in mind of the phrase "separated 
at birth". Both write what some of the local fans refer to as "hair drier 
books" i.e., mind candy meant to kep you distracted and immoble until the 
torture ends. It is designed never to actually touch the brain... (One 
gimmick common to both is that both ground their stories in very real, 
"worthy" concerns. Their writing also tends to go down so smoothly that you 
pick up a book to scan and when you surface it's 11:00 at night and you are 
on page 94.)

My alternate description of Lackey is that in her we appear to be seeing 
reincarnation in action.  Frances Hodgeson Burnett lives...
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