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Dorian wrote:

>  (Though I must admit to preferring Jane
>Eyre's method of coping; she has more backbone than Ellen, I think.)

Of course. I went to a study day at Roehampton University about writing & food where someone gave a lecture on food in Jane Eyre - apparently Jane's a really hearty eater, and fetches up a midnight picnic from downstairs at one point. (Don't think I've got the book, or I'd give the reference.) But I can't help thinking it's not sensible to marry Rochester ... (And I don't think Jo shd have married Laurie - he's a bit of a drifter, and anyway, she didn't love him enough [sorry, romantic at heart].)

>Ooh, must look out for [Elsie Dinsmore books]; I've been wanting to take a look at them for

I found a really expensive children's second-hand bookship in London (off the Charing Cross road) giving them away for nothing. The site about them being reissued is at - I'd be fascinated to know how they've been altered.



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