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Helen said:

> I've just been reading Q.D. Leavis's _Fiction and the Reading 
> Public_ (1932)....

and Dorian remarked that she always thought Q. D. Leavis was female. Dorian
is quite right: Q.D. is Queenie and female. Her husband F.R. Leavis was
also a ltierary critic, which is annoying and confusing of them both. :D

Dorian: I do heartily recommend Elsie Dinsmore, Elsie's Girlhood and Elsie
at Roseland (I think)-- the latter is the one in which she is resurrected.

> Jacob Proffitt" writes:
>> To me, this is the real question.  You seem to think that there are a
>>  lot of people asking for these books, but I don't see it.  

It depends a good deal on the company one keeps. Moreover, people are less
likely to discuss Dickens with you if you find Dickens tiresome.

The following are all the 19th century books I looked up on amazon for rankings
and numbers of editions available. I exclude no data I found. I made some
mild tries for more popular ones that aren't constantly assigned in classes,
There are more than six print editions of Pride and Prejudice in print,
and at least three audio versions, going by amazon. Sales rank of the top-selling
edition is 720.

There are 1436 matches for Charles Dickens as author. Barnaby Rudge is not
a popular Dickens novel at all. There are nine editions of it-- paperback,
hardcover, audio, CD-Rom and digital download-- in print. Highest rank is

Sales rank of the first-on-the-list-of-152-matches paperback edition of
Little Women: 9201.

Rank of the first-on-the-list-of-32-matches paperback of The Princess and
the Goblin: 169.538.

Rank of the first-of-103-matches paperback of Anne of Green Gables: 15,761.

Mrs. Gaskell's Mary Barton, which I am currently reading: Four editions,
the highest-ranked of which is at 56,166.

Lewis Carroll's Sylvie and Bruno: three editions, one paperback: 221,899.

For some contrast:

*Some bestsellers of the 1960s and 70s:

Jonathan Livingston Seagull: a surprise to me at 4105. Three editions.

Ordinary People: another surprise at 4336. One edition currently out and
a library edition forthcoming.

Up the Down Staircase: 73, 946 and one edition.

Paperback Valley of the Dolls: 3257. Two editions.

Paperback Looking for Mr. Goodbar: 85,390.

Leonard Wibberly's The Mouse That Roared: OOP.

The Night They Raided Minsky's: OOP.

* These are all I looked up. I did no suppression, aside from picking rather
well-known ones. I doubt my ability to remember less well-known ones spontaneously.

Local colour:

amazon rank of the paperback edition of Year of the Griffin (not yet published,
but much higher than the ranks of the two editions that are out): 82,694.

rank of papreback Dark Lord of Derkholm: 29,736.

rank of paperback Magicians of Caprona: 48,249.

rank of regular paperback of Harry Potter and the "Sorcerer's Stone": 59

Mary Ann

who, like Jane Bennet, smiles too much, and who always thought Friedrich
Bhaer was terribly attractive

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