19th-century literature

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Helen wrote:
never had any trouble locating people who read and loved _Jane Eyre_ as 
children (well, young teens, anyway, and not for school). _Anne of Green 
Gables_ is 19th-century, though late. Lewis Carroll. At least some of
Lear is still popular, though few children 

I count Jane Eyre as the turn in my reading career.  I read it in 8th
grade and loved it.  This book saved me from V.C. Andrews and Danielle
Steele (shudder.)  The rest of the authors on your list soon followed
(though I found DWJ, L.M. Montgomery, and George MacDonald before Jane.) 
I have yet to read Lois McMaster Bujold who is a distant relative.  I
keep meaning to check her out at the library.  Anything particular I
should start with?

P.S.  I think Jo was right in refusing Laurie.
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