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Fri Jul 27 16:22:34 EDT 2001

Sayth Dorian:
>Because I like real books that sit on my shelves and look pretty, and can 
>picked up and put in my bag or pocket, and read on the train or at the bus
>stop.  Reading books on the computer is all well and good, and I do do it
>sometimes, but it's just not the same as curling up on the couch with an
>actual book, and experiencing the feel of the paper and the smell of the
>I just love books.  I'll probably be an anachronism by the time I'm 40. :-)
I agree.  I'll buy a second or third copy of a book if it has a pretty 
cover, or is cloth bound, or just easy to hold while lying in bed on a 
really cold night.
Or, to be really petty, I like being able to brag that I have read Dickens 
-- see the copies on my shelf?  Or I have read Doyle (not that one would be 
able to tell from my shelf, as I seem to have misplaced Vol 1. of the 
complete Holmes'ertheless, I know there's at least one more 
complete collection on the downstaris bookcases.)
Besides, computers are wonderful, but there's only one sense.  You can't 
recognize a story just by the particularly brand of used book smell it gives 
off over the web.  The covers of your favorite web books don't have softer 
spots where your fingers normally go...But all my favorite books are in a 
BIG box (okay, fine, two BIG boxes) to go off to college :(.
"Sanity is defined by the majority"
-George Orwell

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