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Fri Jul 27 15:26:56 EDT 2001

Jacob wrote:

>I suspect that the
>studies and polls haven't been done if only because anyone interested in
>the poll is scared of what they'd find.

Why would we be scared? I'm a 19th century novel addict but I would certainly not let possible negative results stand in the way of such a survey. If we found out that 99% of people are completely indifferent to anything written before 1950, or had Dickens (say) forced on them at school and hated him, that's very interesting in itself & says lots of things about the way we regard literature & the past.

What about Amazon ratings? I've just looked up Oliver Twist (at random) in & the ?1 paperback has a rating of 4,409 - but I've no idea what this means. Anyone any good at translating these ratings?

Also have to say although I use etexts for research when I can't get hold of a physical copy of a book, I find them much less enjoyable to read than a real book (and I can't take my unwieldy computer with me to read on the way to work), so I'd always buy a real book if I were able to.



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