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To me, this is the real question.  You seem to think that there are a
lot of people asking for these books, but I don't see it.  I'd be
interested in either a) sales figures or b) polling data to see how
popular these things really are.  I think most of these works are things
that people like to talk about in knowledgeable ways even if they've
only seen the movie.  It makes them look smart to talk knowledgably
about "Little Women", but I'll bet that most people would admit that
they've never actually read the book by Alcott.  How many of us depend
on Disney for our knowledge of "The Jungle Book"?  I suspect that the
studies and polls haven't been done if only because anyone interested in
the poll is scared of what they'd find.

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All speculation, of course. Anyone know anything about real figures on
100+-year-old book sales?

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