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Fri Jul 27 09:37:09 EDT 2001

>From: shelly at
>about why they were so successful then & so completely defunct now. Be 
> >interested to know whether anyone else on the list writes non-fict.

well, as i said, i write reviews. which aren't fictional. =) but that isn't 
the same as writing biographies or anything.

>I suppose a second question would be - of those of us who write, how >many 
>feel DWJ is an influence?

on my speech, on my writing.. in fact, for college i wrote a story which is 
perhaps embarassingly influenced by DWJ straight after reading hexwood for 
the first time. but it was for an assignment so i suppose it's forgivable. 
my professor thought it original. i got a good grade on it. =)

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