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Fri Jul 27 05:33:00 EDT 2001

Melissa wrote
>Something I've been meaning to ask--how many members of the DWJ list are

Ok, I confess ... one of the reasons I'm leaving my current job is to have more time to write. I scribble away at short stories, wch are pretty bad, but I'm not precious about them, so anyone's welcome to have a look. What I'm really interested in is biography - hoping to write something about bestselling Victorian & Edwardian novelist who are now completely forgotten - explore their lives & times, theorise about why they were so successful then & so completely defunct now. Be interested to know whether anyone else on the list writes non-fict.

Also - plug alert - my father's just had his first novel accepted by Simon & Schuster/Random Hse - if you're interested there's some stuff about it on his agent's website at (look him up under Authors, Martin Corrick). I love the book - it's got it all: humour, sadness, quotes from Tennyson ...

I suppose a second question would be - of those of us who write, how many feel DWJ is an influence?



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