Really long LOA, followed by a change in address.

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Thu Jul 26 16:10:52 EDT 2001

Hey everyone, I leave on Sat. for Seattle, and then after a series of trips 
without internet access I come home a mere 5 days before I'm off to college. 
  And then another trip when I get there.
The long and short of this is that until late August, early September I will 
have a total of 7 days with internet access.  Sooooo...when you hear from me 
again it will probably be from my new address.
"Ah me, parting is such sweet sorrow that I should say farewell til it be 
morrow"  (Which is a good idea, as I don't unsubscribe until morrow, 

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