Keirsey types - questionnaire

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Thu Jul 26 15:52:47 EDT 2001

>Yeah but.  It's a pretty thin newspaper which would be considered
>equivalent to doing nothing. :)  So my take on it at the time was
>that they were getting at something more along the lines of doing
>some solitary activity (in which reading a book would be equivalent
>to reading a paper) vs. doing some kind of socializing.  This may
>have been because of doing the shorter form just before, in which
>they spelled out the questions as alternate possibilities.  But I was
>annoyed at having to try to figure out the logic behind the question.
>Despite the instruction not to whine about how hard it was to choose
>in the first one. :)
Yeah, I had problems with that question, too.  I took the test 4 times 
trying to find good sites, and answered it at least two different ways (one 
had a scale from 1-5, but it was pretty screwy, otherwise.)  When i first 
took the test I could skip :)
I interpreted the question as being sedentary.  So sports don't count, 
everything that I consider worth my while counts as nothing.  (I was 
offended by the question.  Can you tell?.  I consider reading the paper 
doing something DARN important.  Now if just more people would read the darn 
paper for goodness sake we would have a working democracy, and educated 
voting.  (I nearly spelled educated "ajukated.")  Now that is _doing 

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