etymology of "ferricide" -- long, and probably boring =)

¥ ferricide ferricide at
Wed Jul 25 23:29:58 EDT 2001

>Anyway, after an initial thought that this was about *ferret*
>slaughter, ferri- prompted ferric, or iron, so I came up with "iron

hah. one of my best online friends calls me "ferret" all the time nowadays. 
ferrets are cute, so i can't complain too much. =)

lots of people have come up with ferric, and thence ferrous as a nickname. 
but it's less exciting.

(rest of theory/tale snipped)

i liked it. but as you know, truth is always much less exciting than 
fiction. i guess it's time to set the record straight!

back when i was first getting involved with IRC (chat) online, my friend 
goaded me into taking a nick/alias he thought would go down well with the 
rest of the chat community. after a brief discussion we settled on ferris_b 
(as in, ferris bueller's day off) since we were both fans of the movie. =) 
after awhile i got sick of that nickname and tried to switch off of it, but 
no matter what i changed to, people kept calling me "ferris," and i got in 
scuffles with others who were trying to appropriate nicks i was 
experimenting with. after awhile i decided to go back to ferris_b. but by 
that point someone else was using it. for awhile i couldn't think of 
anything good to do to the nick 'ferris' and messed around with different 
variations. then, one day i was having a really bad day at work (then, as 
phone tech support for a local ISP) so i came onto IRC with the nick 
"ferricide," although suicidal was an overstatement. well, it was clever and 
looked good, and it stuck. so there you go. it's sort of a boring story, and 
overlong. =)

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