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Wed Jul 25 23:12:07 EDT 2001

>Hexwood and Dragon Reserve:  I don't think so.  Hexwood is very much a
>spacefaring universe, while I think DRH8 is a multiverse, although the 
>seem to be spacefaring.  According to the notes in Minor Arcana, DRH8 was
>related to preliminary work on Lives; certainly worlds in the "Home" series 
>referred to as analogues of each other.  She certainly took names from DRH8 
>Hexwood, which I think was a pity, since I was hoping for a novel _really_ 
>the DRH8 universe, and I now think we won't get one :-(

DRH8 is a multiverse? whatever gives you that idea? i never got that 
impression whatever -- all they ever talk about are worlds that they're 
posted on for various reasons. the camerati, i mean, coming from other 
worlds. i still think that DRH8 and hexwood are the most likely two to 
actually be in the same universe. =)

i get the impression (not reading her intro, i don't own minor arcana, so i 
can't) that it's more thematic pre-work than implying that it's supposed to 
be another story in the chrestomanci multiverse.

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