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Wed Jul 25 21:13:47 EDT 2001

Hi All,
        Just done the keirsey test (both versions) same result in both 
-- ENFP -- Hi Becca, I'm not perky either! But I've a horrible feeling 
my fondness for exclamation marks (albeit ironic ones usually) 
may well be explained. Not that I believe in such things of course.

I'm about to do the extra alternate identity thing but my birthdays 
and tarot significator are private I'm afraid, and I have a complete 
down on astrology.. 

Enfp, for what it's worth (I do not try to convince others of my way 
out beliefs and so, look at any of my posts on Jane Austen)

Pets: I own the three most beautiful and two of the cleverest cats in 
the world -- and the third would be the most stupid if it weren't for 
my mate's Birman, Chen. Clever cats: Alex and Vespa, rather dim: 
the very sweet, Camberwell Beauty.

Favourite soap Eastenders

Favourite American Soap The Sopranos (was Homicide)

Cutest popstar Robbie Williams

Favourite Artist Lucien Freud, (was Van Gogh)

Favourite tree: The Tree of Heaven on Winchester Cathedral green

Big Brother2 Brian to win, shame Narinder got booted
Favourite vegetable aubergine/eggplant

Indispensable vegetable carrot

Tonight's mood Very Very Silly


magic, if present, can do almost anything

Diana Wynne Jones

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