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I wrote, in reply to Hallie (egged on by Becca) being sarky about my query on Lutherans,  

> >Oh Hallie, (agrieved sigh) of course I know who Luther is, and
> >they're obviously Protestant, but of what precise kind of
> >Protestants? When founded? where to be found? Like Anglicans?
> >Baptists? Methodists?The Wee Wee Free? Big? Small? Powerful?
> >Weak?.............. Just wanted to know.
> Well, the agrieved sigh was worth it, as I got the laugh out of your
> reply. :)  The Wee Wee Free? In fact ???

In fact, yes, really. The Wee Frees is the nickname for the Free 
Scottish Presbyterians, (said to be small, but disproportionately 
powerful in W.Scotland and the Isles), strict, puritanic protestants,
and the Wee Wee Frees are a breakaway group who think the 
Wee frees are not strict enough. Maybe the people who took the 
fun out of fundamentalism, neither group allows singing in Church, 
for example.......................... This made me laugh and laugh: the 
Wee Wee Frees (or the Wee Frees, according to which article you 
read) believe that last autumn's floods, the recent spate of railway 
accidents and the Foot and mouth outbreak are all down to the 
Queen's having an audience with the Pope. They say she needs 
ritual purification. Oh dearie, dearie me.

THanks for enlightening me about Lutherans. Just a stab in the 
dark but is the reason they won't merge completely with the 
Anglicans is the Queen's position as head of the Church?

The Wee Wee Frees have reminded me of a joke against Puritans.

Why are they agin sex?

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Because it can lead to dancing.


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Diana Wynne Jones

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