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Courtney Eckhardt cme at
Wed Jul 25 19:22:18 EDT 2001

Okay, here's the bio, starting with Ania's template and departing from

Who? Courtney

Where from? Arlington, Massachusetts

Where now? Cambridge, MA

How ancient? 22

Any progeny? nope

Religion? Er, none, really

Occupation? Unix system administrator (I herd non-Windows computers)

First DWJ? Charmed Life

Quintessential DWJ? I don't think I can answer this

Favourite DWJ?  Deep Secret, Fire and Hemlock, and Hexwood, all for
similar but distinct reasons.

Personal maxim/ prescription for an easy life? There ain't no such
beast as an easy life.  And anyone who tries to tell you there is is
selling something.

Birthday: 3/31/79 at the Old Lying Inn in Boston (Now the Brigham and
Women's Hospital)

Which means I am an Aries, and a Goat.  Baaaaaah.

Significator: I haven't the foggiest.  Never had cards read for me.

Personality test: INTP apparently, but if I was in a different mood
today the P would be a J, they're that even.

Current projects:  Adding functionailty to the program that creates
archives for this mailing list, battling with my antique computer
hardware to try to finally get up a working server for my personal
domain.  (I bet it's not as antique as Phillip's though. :)  Making
curtains for the greenhouse- er, I meant kitchen. :)

Current books:  I'm in between books.  Probably I'll read Acts of the
Apostles (John Sundeman) next, and I'm getting Spindle's End and The
Tower at Stony Wood soon.

Main form of transpotation: A Raliegh bicycle with an excessive number
of gears

Cats:  None currently :( I window-shop other peoples', and I'm hoping to
be able to adopt one of the neighborhoos strays if he's still homeless
once it starts to get cold.

Hobbies, currently:  Teaching myself to draw *nice*-looking dragons.
Sewing on a sewing machine older than I am.  Painting miniatures for
table-top roleplaying games.  Possibly learning to sculpt such things.

Web page:  Very little there of interest to DWJ
fans- in fact, very little there at all currently.  I have the outlines
of several more files drawn up, but lately I've not had the inspiration
to write them (and without inspriation they were coming out very badly

Pictures:  There are, to my knowledge, no pictures of me anywhere on the
internet.  This is exactly how I want it. :)  Hoever, if I visit the
scanner I habitually borrow soon, I will put up a picture briefly and
post a link to the list.


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