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Courtney Eckhardt cme at
Wed Jul 25 18:28:24 EDT 2001

I'm responding to a few people here:

Deborah says:
> well, even though the list of things I have promised to do is still
> ridiculously long (a lot of my updates to the page are waiting on my
> finishing my project of converting all of my information about all
> of the books into an XML database, which will make formatting
> changes much easier, but that process has been taking months and
> months which is why there have been no updates in so long) the seems

Heh, guess it's time to get around to learning XML. :)

> reasonable thing to link from the mailing list page of my WebSite.
> So if people in private email (so I won't lose was it) send me URLs
> to photographs you already have online, or attachments if you have
> nowhere to put them online, I can make a page of photographs of
> people on the list.  For that matter, if anyone who's interested
> sends me a biography or anything they want about themselves, or URL
> to a page (like SallyO's page, or anything personal) we can just
> make a page that has information and pictures about people on the
> list who don't mind having information and pictures about them out
> there.  How much of a run on sentence was that?  And that Courtney
> has access to the machine and is helping me out, I might even be
> able to do this in a timely fashion. ;)

Sure, I'll help. :) I even have *lots* of time for it right now.  I was
about to offer web space for a project like this, but Deborah beat me to

ferricide at (sorry, I don't think I can reproduce your
leading character in this character set) says:
> this reminds me of an episode of the anime series "cowboy bebop". (i
> don't know if any of you on the list are anime fans .. but bear with
> me.) in the episode there's a character called "VT" and people who
> meet her pay to try and guess her name. she puts the money aside
> with the intention of giving it to whoever correctly guesses what
> "VT" stands for. =) maybe i should do something like that! i guess
> we could try it via paypal. just kidding. =)

Virtual terminal!  Heh.  Not. :)  Don't mind the computer nerd... (if
anyone's interested in an explanation of the joke I'll be happy to
provide it- a few people on this list, including Christian, are likely
to get it, otherwise I wouldn't have said anything).

Biographical information to follow in a separate email.

Courtney, writing from her home address (I'm not using the MIT address
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