Keirsey types - questionnaire

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 25 18:14:51 EDT 2001


>  > Is there also a subset of those people who can't do the
>>  test without  being driven wild by the questions?  I'd
>>  be 100% on that, if so.  The  leisure activity
>>  preference one really threw me in particular.  "Doing
>>  nothing, listening to the radio or reading the
>>  newspaper"?  WHAT ABOUT READING BOOKS? Is that in the
>>  same category for them?  What about reading and writing
>>  on conferences and e-mail lists, hunh?  Etc. Etc.
>On the test I took, that question was Yes/No and implied to me that
>reading the newspaper and listening to the radio were considered
>equivalent to doing nothing.  My answer was a definite no.  Since book
>reading is definitely NOT equivalent to doing nothing, I was just as
>happy it wasn't there.

Yeah but.  It's a pretty thin newspaper which would be considered 
equivalent to doing nothing. :)  So my take on it at the time was 
that they were getting at something more along the lines of doing 
some solitary activity (in which reading a book would be equivalent 
to reading a paper) vs. doing some kind of socializing.  This may 
have been because of doing the shorter form just before, in which 
they spelled out the questions as alternate possibilities.  But I was 
annoyed at having to try to figure out the logic behind the question. 
Despite the instruction not to whine about how hard it was to choose 
in the first one. :)


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