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Wed Jul 25 18:07:23 EDT 2001

On Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:58:40 -0700, Rebecca Ganetzky wrote:

>P.s. Has anyone read Daisy in the Sun, Light Raid or Water Witch?  Are they 
>recommended (i.e. if I found a good price on them, should I buy them?)

_Light Raid_ was the first Connie Willis book I ever read.  It's a romantic
science fiction novel, sort of.  _Water Witch_ has somewhat the same feel,
if a little darker.  They are both co-written with Cynthia Felice and in my
opinion were merely warming-up exercises for their greatest collaboration,
_Promised Land_.  It is the pinnacle of science-fiction Western romance
novels.  :)

I was going to say, get them if you can find them for a good price, but then
I remembered they were reprinted recently.  I found _Water Witch_ only by
accident.  They are fun to read, but not typical of Willis's writing (though
quite typical of the duo's collaboration.  Oddly, I don't care for Felice's
solo novels at all).

Melissa Proffitt
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