Remake, and a plug for Issola and Sabriel

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Wed Jul 25 16:35:56 EDT 2001

Replying and carefully not reading anything under the spoiler warning...

You relise after all this discussion that I haven't read and have carefully
saved I'm going to have to go and read the book???  And I have so many books
to read at the moment!!!  I've just finished _Issola_, by Steven Brust,
after rereading all the previous books, and it was very good!  My favourite
since _Jhereg_.  I'm halfway through _Passage_ by Connie Willis, and have
enjoyed a lot it so far.

On my to-read pile is _Artemis Fowl_, _The Skies of Pern_ (my
soon-to-by-ex-mother-in-law named a dragon in this one), the second
Stephanie Plum book, _American Gods_, the Chronicles of the Kencyrath (I
have finally got my hands on a copy of _Seeker's Mask_), and _Thief of

Heaven!  Now if only DWJ would produce something new, it would be heaven

One of my most recent reads was _Lirael_, by Garth Nix.  I absolutely loved
it.  It had quite a DWJish feeling about it for a reasons that I might think
about it and go into more when I get around to rereading it.  It follows on
from _Sabriel_, which I also really enjoyed, and it will be continued in
_Abhorsen_, which I hope is published SOON!!  Amongst the writers who had
nice things to say about _Sabriel_ in the blurbs in _Lirael_ was DWJ.  So
don't just take my word for it - even DWJ says go and read these books!

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