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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Jul 25 15:46:06 EDT 2001


>>Does using ferr or ferris increase chances of getting The Story
>>Behind the Name? :)  (I'm developing a lovely little Tough
>>Guide-esque sword name theory atm, which probably couldn't be more
>>wrong if I tried.)
>ooh. i'd love to hear this one before i spill the beans. of course, 
>like you say, it's probably way off base and most likely rather more 
>interesting than the truth. =)

Oh, no.  I hope you didn't think lovely meant anything more than I 
was having fun with it. :)  I know it is way off base already, as Ven 
was thinking along the same lines.

Anyway, after an initial thought that this was about *ferret* 
slaughter, ferri- prompted ferric, or iron, so I came up with "iron 
killing".  (Ok, properly slaughter of iron, but that doesn't make as 
much sense, and I don't feel a need for pedantry, right? :) )  So 
"iron killing" made me instantly think that Iron Killer sounded 
massively like a sword name from Tough Guide.   So then there was a 
certain amount of fun to be had from figuring out what kind of sword 
you'd got stuck - er you had.  I was rather partial to the idea of a 
Sword with a Soul, myself.  The kind that is old and set in its ways, 
and will distract you with antiquated advice. :)  (Probably not the 
pacifist type with a name like that, although it IS a bit less nasty 
than Widowmaker, I guess.)

So, you can disregard all this nonsense as due to the fact that I 
live in Ireland, and the Mist that shrouds everywhere does get into 
everyone's brains here. :)

>i lent charmed life to a big HP fan and he didn't like it. or LoCC. 
>i also lent him magicans of caprona and hexwood, but i never heard 
>back. after he didn't like the first two, i decided to drop the 
>subject. i also lent CL to a different big HP fan friend of mine, 
>but he didn't read it becuase he saw it as some sort of challenge by 
>me (since i didn't care for the first HP book, and totally failed to 
>read its sequel) so that went down like a lead balloon. i think i'll 
>give up trying. =)

I know the feeling!  But now you have Tour Companions to Sustain you 
through all the Confrontations and Incidents - so Persevere, Pilgrim! 

Insights are always valuable, even if they only show you your duodenal ulcer.
		_ Ka'a Orto'o, Gnomic Utterances, V xclll


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