Alternate identity

Tarja Rainio vierran at
Wed Jul 25 15:44:49 EDT 2001

Here's some info on me.

Birthday: 2 December Sagittarius, Chinese horoscope: Rooster, i.e. 1969

Keirsey type: the online tests can't seem to decide =). The short test that
was posted has me as ISFJ and the long test (I took it twice) as ISTP, while test (I've taken the same test in English and Finnish) has
me as INFJ. At least the I part seems to stay stable ;D. I'm not sure which
of them to believe, but the ISTP description at least sounds plain wrong.

Here are a couple of pictures of me that I could find on the web.

This is the organizing committee of last year's Finncon (national Finnish sf
con) + GOHs Neil Gaiman and Ken McLeod. I'm the one on the left (you may
have to cut and paste the address).

Here is another picture from the same con. This is from a panel on Fantasy
and Myths (I can't remember what it was really called =)). Again, I'm the
one furthest on the left.


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