dwj-digest (Diana Wynne Jones) V1 #334

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 25 15:17:11 EDT 2001

On the conversation of DWJ books and worlds.
I felt that SWM and DS and quite a few others are the same world system.  
The differences that Phillip noted, such as chaotic time differences and a 
tangled view of the multiverse, in my opinion, are causeed because the home 
world in SWM seemed a farther Naywards version of Earth, the UpperRoom and 
Magids, were not as successful at protecting magic, and preventing chaos.
Also, Phil[l?]ip noted that the Magids wouldn't let Arth continue for so 
long.  I think the Inner Circle were Magids, and it took them that long to 
notice for the reasons mentioned above.
I agree that the stripping, half-mass, thing does not work out between the 
two universes.  So I partially concede,

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