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Wed Jul 25 15:17:34 EDT 2001

Well, if we're going into further detail...

Full birth certificate name: Grainne Marie Elizabeth Duncan
Full name in everyday use: Dorian Elizabeth Gray
Fiance: Patrick Sean Maher
Date of birth: August 12th, 1969 - the day the Troubles started in Derry!
August 12th is also the anniversary of the Battle of Mohacs.
Chinese astrology: Rooster (IIRC).  How dull.
Siblings: One younger brother.
Cats: Vanyel, Shia, Gandalf and Fitz.  (Vanyel, Shia and Fitz are currently
missing. :-(  )
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 8 stone (112lb)
Shoe size: 4 1/2 (UK) or 37 (Europe)
Favourite colours: black, purple, yellow
Birthstone: peridot (a boring light green thing)
Favourite precious stone: amber
Least favourite Tarot card: The Moon.  And any of the later Swords.
Especially when the all turn up, mostly reversed, in the one reading!
Last film seen: Video binge of "Executive Decision", "Pleasantville" and
"Galaxy Quest"
Favourite film: "Pandora's Box"
Favourite musical instrument: cello
Current writing projects: finishing the first draft of "Heart Tree" (an
urban fantasy novel set in Dublin); persuading someone to publish "Scarlet"
(a dark fantasy short story, which just got rejected by F&SF); writing a
short story in library reserve cards and overdue notices.

That was more than anyone wanted to know, wasn't it? :-)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian E. Gray
israfel at

"I feel that if a character cannot communicate, the very least he can do is
to shut up!"
--Tom Lehrer

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