Religion and fantasy

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Wed Jul 25 15:10:55 EDT 2001

>To me, the One does not bear very much resemblance to the Judeo-Christian 
>apart from the name (well spotted - I hadn't noticed that at all!).
Odd.  Maybe it's just the way I think of G-d, but I, and please no one 
accuse me of heresy, do not see G-d as incapacle of making mistakes.  I am a 
fantasy-Jew, which means I believe in a multiplicity of godlike beings, but 
only one being "my" G-d.  Therefore, Kankredin and Cenblith can be viewed as 
evil other deities (Call them incarnations of Satan, to translate to a wholy 
Christian view-point.) and the One's inability to act because of them is 
reasonable.  It's been a long time since I read Dalemark, otherwise I'd have 
more arguments.  I, personally, and I'm not sure how common this is in 
Judiasm, see G-d as an emotional being, rather than a flawless one, because 
being emotionless prevents one inherently from being flawless.  A supreme 
being would appreciate and respect and personal relationship with its 
underlings, otherwise it is merely a slave-owner, for which, I at least, 
would have no respect.
>Probably easiest if I just list some differences:
>The One is not all-powerful, but is rather kept from acting simply because 
>bonds placed on him by Kankredin and Cenblith.
>The One is not infinitely wise, but can be tricked by Cenblith - thus 
>that he has human fallibility of emotion.
>The One, while accepting veneration from his people, is surprised and 
>when Tanaqui forms a personal attachment to him as her grandfather.  
>(not sure about the Jewish view) believe that such a personal relationship 
>the natural one for believers.
>While Ammet and some of the other Undying look to the One as their Grand 
>it is clear (not least from Anoreth's comments) that Tanamil at least does 
Odd, I always viewed Tanamil and Ammet as the same person.

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