Religion and fantasy

Philip.Belben at Philip.Belben at
Wed Jul 25 13:03:57 EDT 2001

>> is trying to convert
>> readers, without any overt religion...
> Interesting, that - Christians are *supposed* to try to convert people...
> though most of us would probably opt for trying to live by the code and hope
> this works rather than active converting.  For one thing, the active type
> converting is out of step in the current society. Maybe some politicians and
> activist groups should take note!

I quite agree, Sally.

A lot of Christians think that the duty to make converts means you have to go
out and "tell people the good news" or, even worse, "preach the Gospel".  My own
experience is that such methods seldom do make converts, since even potential
converts nowadays find the presentation so offputting that they don't bother to
examine the message.

What is far better to my mind is the sort of subversion that DWJ practices
(though I think that Derk is the only person to come right out and call it


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