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Wed Jul 25 13:03:41 EDT 2001

---Original Message From: Philip Belben 
> I'd never heard of this Keirsey psychometry, but, having taken the
> test, I discover that I too am INTJ.  Butt's analysis of INTJ is
pretty close
> to spot-on for me.
> I have no idea how to determine my Tarot significator - any

My understanding is that each Tarot card has a personality associated
with it.  I'm pretty sure the major arcana aren't included, but I could
be wrong.  The reason I said I'm a Queen of Swords is because a couple
years ago, I stumbled on a web site that took the Kiersey test and
associated the Tarot royalty (the four suits with their four royalty)
with each type.  My memory is that I was the Queen of Swords.

However, today I did a small search and found the following similar

I like the last one best.  All three agree that INTJ is the Queen of
*Wands* and based on the descriptions, I'd have to agree it fits me

Jacob Proffitt

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