alternate identity (and Keirsey types)

Susanna E. Leng 98 Susanna.E.Leng.98 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Wed Jul 25 12:55:11 EDT 2001

> >I'm an INTP, though this test is scoring me wrong for 
> > some reason as an INTJ.  Seriously.  Read the 
> > description of INTP at
> >and that's ME.  Me and Albert Einstein.
> I seem to be an INFJ.  Though the description on the same 
> site by Joe  Butt (the guy who did Melissa's, right?) 
> seems less accurate than the  second one. 

I'm an ISTJ, consistently, and found that the description, 
though accurate, was a bit disappointing.  I felt it only 
described one part of the personality, but maybe that's 
accurate, too.  It is true that one of the things I hate 
most in life is being late - I've never been able to figure 
out exactly why, but now I know it's inevitable.  ;)
For the record, I'm also a scorpio (Nov. 1) and year of the 
Dragon (1976).  Tarot I know nothing about, though I'm game 
to try.

> Is there also a subset of those people who can't do the 
> test without  being driven wild by the questions?  I'd 
> be 100% on that, if so.  The  leisure activity 
> preference one really threw me in particular.  "Doing 
> nothing, listening to the radio or reading the 
> newspaper"?  WHAT ABOUT READING BOOKS? Is that in the 
> same category for them?  What about reading and writing 
> on conferences and e-mail lists, hunh?  Etc. Etc.

That question I also found incredibly annoying.  I don't 
remember what I answered, but it took too much thought.  It 
was frustrating to have to try to figure out for so many of 
the questions which answer to pick when neither seemed to 
be any good.

But I always find this sort of thing fascinating, I'm 
interested in hearing what other people figure out about 
themselves from the tests.

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