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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 25 12:55:30 EDT 2001

>I asked
>>  >Here's an apposite quote from Connie Willis (what exactly is a
>>  >Lutheran btw):
>>  Serious question?  Luther, the Reformation, (Becca's quoting from the
>>  floor (that's the living-room floor, btw :) not speaker's podium type
>>  floor) : John Tetzel selling indulgances in Wittenburg to rebuild St.
>>  Peter's Basilica in Rome, nepotism, absenteeism, pluralism, and simony...)
>>   Sorry.
>Oh Hallie, (agrieved sigh) of course I know who Luther is, and
>they're obviously Protestant, but of what precise kind of
>Protestants? When founded? where to be found? Like Anglicans?
>Baptists? Methodists?The Wee Wee Free? Big? Small? Powerful?
>Weak?.............. Just wanted to know.

Well, the agrieved sigh was worth it, as I got the laugh out of your 
reply. :)  The Wee Wee Free? In fact ???

We don't seem to have any Lutherans on the list, do we?  Odd, as the 
World Book (pretty bad ref. source in some cases, so I don't 
guarantee this) says Lutherans are the largest Protestant 
denomination in the world.  I'm no expert, that's for sure, but I had 
put in my own crude analysis that Lutherans were sort of Catholic 
Protestants.  But then I took that out.  Then I said they were 
roughly as near to Catholicism as Anglicans, but took that out also. 
More sacramental than most Protestant denominations anyway, I think, 
and like Anglicans in that.  (Hey.  I'm just answering Ven's question 
since pushed.  Feel free to contradict me on this, anyone.) I *think* 
I heard that the Lutheran and Anglican churches in the US (yes, the 
US Anglican is Episcopal) are either merged or about to merge, but 
I'm shakey on this, and don't know the details anyway, so I didn't 
pass it on.

Big/small I answered.  Powerful/weak?  I'm not going to touch that one!


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