alternate identity (and Keirsey types)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 25 11:25:20 EDT 2001

>I'm an INTP, though this test is scoring me wrong for some reason as an
>INTJ.  Seriously.  Read the description of INTP at
>and that's ME.  Me and Albert Einstein.

I seem to be an INFJ.  Though the description on the same site by Joe 
Butt (the guy who did Melissa's, right?) seems less accurate than the 
second one. Bec and I did the short test last night, and then I did 
the long one just now.  I was *sure* it was going to come out 
differently on the longer one, but no.  I was also *sure* that the F 
part would be weaker but that turned out to be my strongest one.

Is there also a subset of those people who can't do the test without 
being driven wild by the questions?  I'd be 100% on that, if so.  The 
leisure activity preference one really threw me in particular. 
"Doing nothing, listening to the radio or reading the newspaper"? 
WHAT ABOUT READING BOOKS? Is that in the same category for them? 
What about reading and writing on conferences and e-mail lists, hunh? 
Etc. Etc.

I gave up doing the test last time I saw a version (neither of 
these), when it came up on the Maud (Hart Lovelace) list.  That was 
pretty interesting, because a psychologist led the discussion, 
explained the types, and then analysed main characters in the books. 
Which was fun.  Anyone care to classify Rupert? :)
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