Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 25 11:29:08 EDT 2001

I just read Remake a few weeks ago, and I think it was the only book 
by	Connie Willis that I really disliked. (I think I'd better 
give this a spoiler space now...)

I didn't like the way it was sort of typical: with the guy falling 
for the mysterious, glamourous girl, instead of the one who not only 
likes him, but helps him and obviously cares about him and does 
everything he asks. I think this really annoyed me because Heada 
seemed so much more real to me than Alis, and what does Alis ever do 
for Tom except look all intent and pretty?

AND also I didn't like the fact that Hollywood never stopped making 
remakes. I think that disturbed me most of all because it gives the 
message that in the future we will have lost all our creativity and 
our ability to make something out of nothing. It is a very depressing 
outlook on everything. And it doesn't seem to make it all right that 
there is a hope Alis and Tom will get back together. I know that it 
is meant to be dark and chilling and all that, but it seems more of a 
elongated warning to society than a proper story with good characters 
you can like and care about. (I hated Tom.) I hope that I am 
misreading or misunderstanding it, because I really don't want it to 
be THAT bad.

Oh well, I should probably go finish packing for our trip to 
Edinburgh tomorrow...

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