alternate identity (and Keirsey types)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jul 25 11:29:07 EDT 2001

Melissa wrote:

>I'm an INTP, though this test is scoring me wrong for some reason as an
>INTJ.  Seriously.  Read the description of INTP at
>and that's ME.  Me and Albert Einstein.

Ooooh. Brainy. :) (Becca here.) I am an ENFP, among loads of actors 
and actresses and things, and I can't remember any of them because I 
am going mad. I thought some of the questions in the test were so 
STUPID and stereotypical, though. At least the mini thingy, which 
also said [though this has nothing to do with anything] Everyday New 
Fantastic Possibilities, and now I feel like a Barney kid or a person 
who likes to DO stuff and be all POSITIVE and PERKY.

ANYway, my birthday is August 10th, and I'm a Leo. I used not to 
believe in Astro-whatsit, but then I bought a book of horoscopes at 
Eason's for £1.99, and once it said "You will recieve a phone call 
from a friend inviting you to a minor social function, which will 
benefit you more than you can guess", and about an hour after I read 
it my friend called and asked me to spend the night at her house. 
Though nothing really special happened, so you never know.

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