Religion and fantasy (CS Lewis)

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Wed Jul 25 08:02:36 EDT 2001

Ros wrote:

>Even in Lewis's time, not all British people were even nominally Christian,
>let alone believing Christians.

Also, as far as I can tell from what I've read of CS Lewis's theological books, his Christianity isn't totally mainstream. He certainly positions himself as though he's fighting against other people's views, and _The Last Battle_ seems very Platonist. Do we have any theologians who could comment?

There're a couple of occasions where I feel the Narnian story gets too overtly moral (particularly the explanation of Susan's fall from grace in TLB, where no room seems to be left for the possibility that her apparent shallowness might be a phase), but most of the time I find the story itself too gripping to consider it preachy.


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