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Tue Jul 24 15:56:21 EDT 2001

Philip explained...
> >
> > Am I allowed to ask why you were making faces?  (Or is that just the
> > lighting?) :-)
> Making faces?  It's called _embouchure_!

Well, it doesn't look much like a trumpet/cornet/euphonium embouchure (I
used to play all of these instruments).
> When I was asked for a picture for the VCF speakers list, the only decent
one I
> could find was of me playing the bassoon in an orchestral rehearsal.  I
> it would make a nice contrast on a computer-related site, but the bassoon
> cropped out of the picture...

Ah.  That would explain it. :-)
> Am I allowed to ask why you were making faces?  Ot is that just the

A combination of the facts that I was squinting at the photo flash, and
drunk.  The pic was taken at a friend's birthday celebration.  Probably also
explains the slight out-of-focus-ness; the camera wielder was probably also

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