alternate identity (even more)

Neil Ward neilward at
Tue Jul 24 19:22:29 EDT 2001

A few more details of my chequered existence...


You want pictures?  Take your pick from the many on my laughable ME, ME, ME
I'm actually a wee bit embarrassed that I mention Harry Potter as a point of
change in my life and make no reference whatsoever to DWJ.  Cough.  I must
make amends very soon.  Please don't banish me to the marshes.


Personality: INFJ mostly... sometimes a bit of T creeps in.
Horoscopia: Double Taurean Ox (13 May 1961) - wasn't Rebecca born on 13 May
too?  Hey... it's synchronicity!!
Colourways: Black, grey, violet, indigo
Gemstone: Iolite
Tarot: Dunno about this one.  What do I do?  I turned a card... it was The
Size: XXL
Shape: Oblong
Texture: Interesting


Last film - "Possible Worlds" [sleeping during the opening credits isn't
cool, is it?]
Current book - "Time" - Stephen Baxter
Next meal - Häagen-Dazs Strawberry 500ml; entire pot of very black coffee
On the CD - "Maria Callous" - Gretschen Hofner
On the TV - "Big Brother 2" [Brian to win!]
On the PC - "Black & White" [My creature is a cow... it's petulant and half
On my mind: "Enterprise" - the latest Star Trek incarnation/prequel


PS: An on topic note - just finished "Dogsbody" and really liked it.  Now
hankering after "Deep Secret," as this seems as popular as F&H.  Naturally,
no good bookshops have it.  Guess I'll have to try the bad ones...

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