alternate identity (and Keirsey types)

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Tue Jul 24 17:01:49 EDT 2001

>How interesting.  I'm INTJ, Queen of Swords, too.  The N and J are close
>to borderline, but the archetype fits...
Interesting, but not surprising.  One of my friends ran a tarot vs. 
Psychology experiment for a final last year, and found there's a reasonable 
correlation between tarot card (suite, mainly) and Keirsey type (my psych 
teacher's lenient on types of experiments.)
More surprisingly, there was even a (more slight) correlation between 
Keirsey type and a card drawn randomly (all of the cards were preassigned 
ESTJ, ISNP, etc.)
I'm a strong INTJ, the I wavers a little, and the T even less, but the J is 
around 85-90% and the N's pretty close to 100...
Okay, now I'm interested (and willing to correlate tarot vs. Keirsey data).  
If you don't know you're Keirsey type go to  (Lots of background required, 
unfortunately.  There used to be sites that didn't require info, but I 
cannot find them anymore (at least a few sites have been told to remove the 
test by the official site.)
Rebecca( Chinese zodiac: boar)

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