alternate identity

Rebecca Ganetzky jlynn_cmc_edu at
Tue Jul 24 16:38:07 EDT 2001

>>I really wish I'd put in a Sun sign question now. (Not that I believe in
>>astrology. I am a diehard sceptic, me. But it is entertaining.)
>I was thinking it was amazing, given our usual that we hadn't had a
>favourite beverage/food type question!  But then remembering "Dido
>and Pa" and the Birthday Club, and rediscovering that Dorian's
>birthday was really close to Becca's, wished we'd done birthdays too.
>Star signs works.  I've no objection to adding a p.s., do others?
>Hallie (25th June, Cancer)
While we're at it, can we also add Tarot significator?  (Pop quiz on Tarot 
cards: how many can pull up a name, just kidding.)
Rebecca (May 13, Taurus (I figured out my rising sign once, but can't 
remember), Queen of Swords, INTJ (just to through out another variable))

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